In Memoriam

At Roderick Linton Belfance, we attribute our success not only to the expertise of our current legal staff, but also in honor of those who have preceded us.

Robert F. LintonRobert F. Linton

Robert F. Linton ("Bob") served as the firm’s managing partner for thirty years prior to his death on February 8, 2008. Throughout his distinguished legal career, Bob personified excellence in legal representation. As a mentor to all of the firm’s lawyers, both young and experienced, Bob taught professionalism, integrity, honor and compassion by example. Bob was never boastful of his remarkable legal and professional accomplishments, but his successes in the practice of law and in life served as a constant source of pride and inspiration to the firm, its lawyers, and the many people that Bob touched throughout his life.

Bob was not just a leader in legal circles, he also committed himself to improving Akron and its local communities. The many boards and committees upon which he served included the Zips Advancement Council, the University of Akron Foundation and the Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition. In addition to serving the community in a representative capacity, he made substantial personal commitments in promoting advancement of Akron’s disadvantaged youth. A life-long resident of Akron, and having himself grown up in Akron’s disadvantaged neighborhoods, Bob and his wife, Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Deborah Cook, founded the Collegescholars program – a program offering college scholarships to Akron elementary school students who maintain good grades and good conduct through high school. Bob didn’t just fund Collegescholars, he personally mentored many of the students and became involved in their lives, taking them on field trips to such places as museums, circuses, Cedar Point, University of Akron basketball games, and other places and events that they might not have otherwise had the opportunity to experience. This is just one example of Bob’s service to the community – service for which he never sought recognition, but contributed solely for the satisfaction that it brought to him.

Bob remains an example of the consummate legal professional and has left his indelible mark on our firm. We continue to strive to meet the high standards that he set for us. Our mission statement of “Commitment, Innovation, Excellence” does not state mere platitudes; instead, it reflects a pledge to carry on the traits that Bob demanded in representing our clients.

We fondly remember our leader and mentor, and all of us are better lawyers and better people because of Bob.

Duard D. BradshawDuard D. Bradshaw

Duard D. Bradshaw ("Denny"), a native of the Republic of Panama, was named by Hispanic Business Magazine in 2003 as one of the country's 100 Most Influential Hispanic Leaders. From 2002 through 2003, Denny served as President of the Hispanic National Bar Association, the national association representing over 25,000 Hispanic American attorneys, judges, law students, and law professors. Denny was also co-founder of the Hispanic National Bar Foundation, an organization providing tools to support and inspire educational achievement within the Hispanic community. He served as an active mentor for Hispanic law students, not only in his home state of Ohio, but through law schools across the country.

Denny was at the forefront in advocating for a more equitable immigration policy in the United States and for greater diversity within the U.S. federal and state judiciary. He devoted his efforts to open opportunities for Latino attorneys.

In addition to being a force in the Hispanic community, Denny was also revered in the legal community as a leader, trusted counselor and skilled advocate, and tirelessly served his local community.

Denny passed away on July 12, 2006. He left his colleagues with warm memories of a fine lawyer and partner and an even finer man. Denny touched us all and our lives are better for having the privilege of having known him.

Howard CalhounHoward L. Calhoun

Howard L. Calhoun joined Roderick Linton, LLP on March 1, 2005. Prior to that date Howard was a sole practitioner in Akron for 54 years.

Howard was primarily involved in general litigation with emphasis on personal injury cases and family law practice. Howard was then active in probate court practice, business law and real property law.

Howard received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from The Ohio State University and a Juris Doctor degree from The Ohio State University on December 22, 1950. Howard was a member of the Ohio state and local bar associations and served on multiple committees.

Howard passed away on July 5, 2015. He was a respected and accomplished attorney and businessman. Howard will be greatly missed by our community.


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